4 Paws-A-Walkn' has over the last 3 years become well established in the Bristow area. 
Our mission at the inception of 4 Paws-A-Walkn' was to bring to Bristow  and surrounding areas a pet sitting service that was dependable, accessible, and affordable. In hard economic times it is our hope that 
4 Paws-A-Walkn' will offer to you an affordable service which will lessen the financial obligation of loving a pet. Because no one should be denied having the love of a pet because they can't afford it.

At Little About Me

My love for animals has always been part of my earliest memory
As a child I was raised on a farm and 
as one might imagine a farm has an abundance of animals. The care and preventative health care of those animals rest on the shoulders of the farmer. 
I was taught at a young age how to provide for my pets as well as the live stock. When I left the farm and my adult life began I carried with me my love for animals.

Providing for your pets medical needs is something that I am quite comfortable with. 
I have been trained for SQ injections and blood draws for diabetic animals. I have less experience with IM injections but have received training. Oral medications can be administered in most cases with ease. 

Although 4 Paws-A-Walkn' is a newly established business in the Bristow area I am accustom to providing personalized customer service. 
I started in retail years ago. I have remained in the personal service industry since.

Pet sitting is not much different from the other endeavors in my life. Except this time my primary customers are furry!. And some not so furry :)

I love the joy that your pets bring to my life. I look forward to the experience of being your pet sitter for many years to come.

Providing pet care has by far been the most relaxing and rewarding endeavor I have ever been a part of. 
Your pets bring so much calm to my day and joy to life that I feel privileged to be providing affordable pet care to my community. 

Call us today!

 I believe that your satisfaction should be guarantied and with 
4 Paws-A-Walkn' 
it will be.

Thank you for allowing us to become part of your pets family

You can reach us at:
Phone: (703) 659-3173

Please call if you have no response within 24 hours. Experiencing some difficulties with email server.

Office Hours: 
Sunday - Saturday 8:30AM to 5:30PM
Working hours begin at 5:00AM 

"At Your Bark and Call"
 Emergency Service is available to established customers.
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