Initial Meet and Greet Consultation:

No Charge

30-90 minutes At this visit we can complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets. This required meeting will be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service.
If additional visits are required before service begin. They will be billed by minutes required at the rate of $25 per hour

Please note: All fees listed are the basic rate for one pet. And are subject to change without prior notification.

*Extra fees for additional pets and services apply.

Paaaaw-fection Visit:
$25* 1st hour
 $23* each additional
55 Minutes

 For special playtime for the active dog and companionship for the older dog. 

Extra Playtime: 
40 Minutes 
Best for long walks, playtime, multiple pet homes, or pets with special diets or other special needs. Also good for horses & hobby farms, and Home care duties. Example: Lawn  and plant watering, indoor plant watering, etc.....  

"Just a Pawin' Along" 
 20 Minutes
 Our most popular choice.  Good for many multiple pet homes, supervised feedings, walks, and play. Most dogs will require 2-4 Regular visits per day.   Cats are often best with 1 of these visits per day..

"Backyard Tinkle" 
15 Minutes 
Is used for pets with a fenced in yard only  or  a 3rd or fourth feeding. 

Drop In Visit:
8-10 Minutes 
 Short drop in to transfer keys (pick up or drop off), check iron/stove, turn off sprinkler system, close windows, checking in on a recovery pet, etc. 
These visits are great for families who just arrived at the airport but can't remember if they turned the coffee pot off. Not to worry, with 4 Paws-A-Walkn' you are covered.
One phone call and you can put your worries aside.

"Overnight Paw Party"
(8-10 hours) Includes AM and PM visits.
 Mid day visit is an add'l $14* 
Additional fees apply for each additional pet

 "Pet Taxi"
For every 30 minutes

Delivering your pet to all of their important appointments. Vet drop offs, grooming,etc.. Life's busy let us do your running.

At Your Bark and Call Last Minute Service
 15 minute 
Emergency Potty Break fee in addition to regular prices. 
At Your Bark and Call:
This is an at the last minute visit service. It is offered to existing customers for whom we have a key. It is 15 minute Emergency Potty Break visit.
Out late, working late, stuck in traffic or any reason that would prohibit you from getting home to let out your pets at their regular time.

Just call or text. and put your worries to rest.
With 4 Paws-A-Walkn' 
your pets are taken care of.

Cats and Other Indoor Pets:

The purrrr-fect visit (for cats)
 25 Minutes
For one pet. Add $3 for each additional pet.
This includes: feeding needs, cleaning boxes, bringing in mail/paper, watering plants in pots, and/or purrrr-fect play time, as time allows.

The "pounce" visit 
(for cats)
 15 Minutes 

For one pet 
This is an express visit. We pounce in for 15 minutes to take care of feeding needs, litter box, and a bit of petting time. This is ideal for the feral kitty who would prefer we not be in their space.
*Add $3 for each additional pet.

A "kneeding" good time 
(for cats)
 55 Minutes 

For the "kneedy" kitty who just can't get enough attention. We will groom, play or sit sit and hold them for 55 minutes. 
Add $3 for each additional "kneedy" one

Additional Services:

Medication Administration:
Giving of oral medication 
$2 per medication
Injections SQ $3
 IM $4 per injection
A signed medication wavier form must be completed before the administration of medication

House Sitting Available:

Rates depend on duties.
Duties are:
Mowing the lawn, Watering the lawn, Trash in/out, Recycle in/out, Water indoor plants, Bring in paper, Bring in mail, and other task as requested.
Duties are based on an hourly rate of $27.00 an hour. These rates apply to homes without pets.

House Sitting
Flat rate 
$50 per day 
Plus duties

We are looking forward to hearing from you.Â
You can reach us at:
Phone: (703) 659-3173

Office Hours: 
Sunday-Saturday  8:30AM to 5:30PM
Working Hours begin aat 5:00AM and end at 10:30 PM
 At your Bark and Call emergency service available for established customers.during working hours. Extra charges apply
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Travel Charges:

We use to look up the minutes from your home to our main offices.
Travel Fees:0-12 minutes Free

12 -15 Minutes
$5 per visit
To Keep our rates low. We do not serve outside of a  15 minute radius From Bristow. Call for details
Add $30 for overnights
Add $8 to regular visits

Holidays include:

New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day..

Please schedule adequate time to provide the services requested.  If your pet or home needs more time then scheduled, it will be added as needed and billed to you. Trash to the curb and returned to the garage, bringing in the mail are included in rates. Watering plants both indoors and out and other average tasks are billed at $8 per every 15 minutes. 

Additional pets:

Two Dogs: Add an additional $3 to each service
3 to 4 DogsIf your pets can not be walked at the same time, but can be walked in pairs, and each set requires 20 minutes, add an additional $10 to each service.
If they can be walked together add $3 per additional pet

 Important Terms:

Payment is due before service begins.  A separate signed & completed Service Request is also due for each service, before each service start.  With permission, you may leave a check in full or cash and the completed Service Request for the first visit.  However, an additional fee of $20 will be charged if either one of these are forgotten. 

Refunds & Cancellations: 

There are no refunds. 
Due to This being a very small pet sitting business which is my only source of income.
4 Paws has a 
You booked it, you bought policy. No credits
No trading

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